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"Stress Free" Winter Boat Storage

 Indoor and Outdoor Storage

 Indoor Rates include 10 services

 Rates Include Comprehensive Service Review

 Serving the Lake Minnetonka Community since 1961.


Our winter storage program is designed to be as convenient as possible.

Since 1961 we have been serving the Lake Minnetonka community by keeping your boat close to home. The treatment and condition of your boat is important, so there is no long distance over road traveling to scratch up sides of your boat with "road rash" when you store at Rockvam Boat Yards, Inc. Our certified marine technicians are Mercruiser and Volvo factory trained to provide the highest level of care to your boat during the ritical winterizing process.

Our rates include the following services: hauling out the boat, winterizing the engine, trailer storage, heated battery storage, and changing the lower unit grease of I/Os and outboards. Over the winter we also perform a comprehensive service review to let you know if there are any repair/service items needing attention.

In the spring we launch your boat, charge the battery, start the engine, conduct a lake test, vacuum the interior and wash the dust off your boat. You also receive a 15 cent per gallon discount off your first fill of gas PLUS 10 cent per gallon gas discounts for the entire summer!

Boaters staying here summer and winter find it a very "stress free" transition - just remove personal items from your boat, like beach towels, and let us do the rest

.Rockvam Boat Yards, Inc. is a Boat US Cooperating Marina

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Winter Boat Storage on Lake Minnetonka

  Easy Scheduling for drop off AND pick up.

  We are not a "last in" "first out" winter storage program. You call us and schedule the appointment for boat the fall and spring. It's that easy. In the fall drop your boat at our gas dock and let us do the rest! In the spring, come back and go boating!

Lake Minnetonka Winter Boat Storage and Shrinkwrapping

Lake Minnetonka Winter Boat Storage


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