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Our "Dry Stack" Boat Storage.

 Jerry Rockvam, North Central Marine Association 2007 "Hall of Fame" Inductee, honored for introducing the upper midwest to the dry stack boat storage concept.

 Boat is launched via forklift with a one hour notice.

 Your boat is always out of the water, excpet when you are using it!

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  Dry Stack Boat Storage on Lake Minnetonka

In this program your boat is kept in one of our warehouses. You call one hour ahead of when you would like to use your boat and we launch it via forklift and tie it up on a private dock. When you are done with your boat for the day, we put it back into our warehouse.

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It's that simple. There's no sun fading, wave damage, or algae build up on the bottom because it's always out of the water except when you are using it. Ideal for boats 16' to 23'.

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  The alternative to "in water" dockage

Boat warehouses on Lake Minnetonka

Dry Stack Boat Storage on Lake Minnetonka
Your boat is stored in one of our four onsite warehouse facilities just waiting for your to come and use it. You get the benefits of trailering because your boat stays clean and algae free, without having to launch the boat yourself!

"All of the boating fun with none of the trailering hassles"

Forklifts for Dry Stack Storage on Lake Minnetonka
Our newest forklift is custom built and equiped with a self-designed rubber padded fork that is soft on the hull of your boat.


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